Capsicum Oleoresin, Hot Chili Extract

Synonyms: Oleoresin Capsicum, Chili extract, Hot Chili Extract
Botanical Name: Capsicum annum L /Capsicum fruitescens L.
Used Part: Fruit
CAS No.: 8023-77-6
Certifications: ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001, Kosher, Halal
Packing: 16KG/drum; 20KG/drum; 200KG/Stainless Steel Drum;


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What is Capsicum Oleoresin?
Capsicum Oleoresin is obtained by the solvent extraction of dried ripe fruits of Capsicum annum L or Capsicum fruitescens L. The product has a pungent aroma, characteristic of freshly ground, dried, red capsicum. There is a sharp pungent sensation when the flavor is evaluated in dilution.


It is a viscous, reddish-brown homogeneous liquid.


Capsaicin, Dihydro-capsaicin and Nordihydro-capsaicin

Main Specs:

Oil soluble capsicum oleoresin, Water soluble capsicum oleoresin, Decolorized capsicum oleoresin and colorless capsicum oleoresin, Pungency from 1% to 40%,can be customized.
Our company can supply both UV and HPLC tested product.

Technical Parameters:

Item Standard
Appearance Dark red Oily Liquid
Odor Characteristic chili odor
Sediment <2%
Arsenic (As) ≤3ppm
Lead (Pb) ≤2ppm
Cadmium (Cd) ≤1ppm
Mercury (Hg) ≤1ppm
Total Residual solvent <25ppm
Rhodamine B Not detected
Sudan colors, I, II, III, IV Not detected
Total plate count ≤1000cfu/g
Yeasts ≤100cfu/g
Moulds ≤100cfu/g
E. Coil Negative/g
Salmonellae in 25g Negative/25g
Pesticides Conform to CODEX


Product should be stored in a cool, dry environment, protected from exposure to heat and light. Product should not be exposed to freezing temperatures. Recommended storage temperature is 10~15℃

Shelf Life: 24 months if stored under ideal conditions.


Capsicum Oleoresins is widely used in food processing, flavor preparations, sauce preparations, meat & fish food processing. Capsaicinoids have significant antibiotic activity and used as ailing agent in medicines for improving conditions of the heart & blood vessels, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce excessive blood clotting. Capsaicin is also known to reduce pain sensations, effective remedial ingredient for pain relieving in arthritis, psoriasis, used as analgesic in topical ointments, dietary supplement, and active ingredient for defense products.

Our product advance: Our factory is sourcing chili material from China, work with local farmers to control the chili quality, so that final product has no illegal dyes and low pesticides residues.

Please contact us for additional information about paprika oleoresin or for our current price quotes.

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